The new BMW Professional Navigation system will retain the same option code — 609 as the current system and naturally replace this from the appropriate production date.

 What is FSC code?

  • FSC(Freischaltcode) is 20 digital activation code released by BMW
  • Each code is specially based on your VIN# for each single car
  • Code can not use with multiple cars

What You Need for Map Data Update?
You need 3 things to update your maps data:

  • FAT32 Format USB drive (FAT32Formatter)
  • Maps Data
  • FSC Code

What Info We Need From You?

  • We only need your Last 7 Digital VIN#
  • Please provide your VIN# in Order Note
  • Otherwise I need retrofitted system VIN# If your navigation system is replacement unit

This product is available for all regions!
Order your FSC navigation code here,Single or Lifetime code.
Life time codes mean that once you bought this code from us,you will never have to buy another code again when upgrading in the future.

Now, I suppose you got everything you need already, include:

  1. FAT32 Format USB drive (FAT32Formatter)
  2. Maps Data
  3. FSC Code

So, let’s get start!!!



Connect the 32GB USB stick to the system. The screen display automatically changes to the navigation update mode.



Use the iDrive controller to select and activate the Start update option in the display.

Enter the 20-character activation code using the iDrive controller. The activation code does not contain the digits “0” and “1” in order to prevent confusion with the letters “O” and “I”.

Select OK to confirm your entry. The update procedure will start.


The map data will now be updated as your journey continues. Your navigation system’s basic functions continue to operate normally during this procedure. Please leave the USB stick inserted until the end of the update process.

The complete update procedure may last for between 30 and 90 minutes. Following successful installation of the update, the system will automatically reboot. This completes the update procedure.



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Bulk orders: please email me for a discount

Any Questions? fscmap@gmail.com