FSC retrofit kit NBT

FSC retrofit kit NBT

We are pleased to introduce our new solution to activate the navigation and the other popular options in the blocks and NBT. Our solution is fully finished, and requires no extra work with a diagnostic / service software such as E-Sys.

FSC Retrofit kit NBT

FSC The kit includes:

  • Activation of navigation
  • Activation of voice control
  • BMW APPS- Support Apple IOS
  • Satelite radio ‘ONLY FOR  North AMERICA’
  • Lap -Timer

Installation is carried out in a mode Plug-and-Play is literally in a couple of action and can be carried out as a service employee and a simple user. We offer A flexible system of discounts for regular customers, as well as discounts on bulk orders.
The benefits that you get when you order from us:
1. Unlimited technical support / advice
2. 2 years worth of free updates.
3. Free resend codes, if they are lost.

When ordering, you are required to specify only the last 7 characters of your car’s VIN number then, we will send an individually generated file of your activation.
There is no need for the block to be disassembled or any other methods of third-party intervention in the control unit. You do not need a computer or any special software for the connection.

Activation itself is performed in three simple steps:
1. Placing a file on a USB drive
2. Connecting the drive to a USB port in the car
3. Restarting the navigation unit (E-sys, Tool32 or power off)
No further actions are required, all of the necessary steps to enable the code to be generated will be produced automatically.


img_0117Bulk orders: please email me for a discount

Any Questions? fscmap@gmail.com